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Kenya: DHL Express has appointed Andrew Mutuma as the new country manager for its operations in the country. Mr. Mutuma succeeds Alan Cassels and will be responsible for driving DHL’s fast-growing presence in one of the most vibrant markets in ...

Nigeria: Unity Bank Plc confirmed the appointment of Oluwatomi Somefun as its new managing director and CEO. Mrs. Somefun succeeds Henry J. Semenitari, who resigned in July. Prior to Mrs. Somefun’s appointment as CEO, she was an executive director at ...

Knowledge@Wharton sat down with two of the three authors of Power Score: Your Formula for Leadership Success to discuss their findings into what makes a successful leader. Their findings are derived from more than 15,000 interviews with CEOs and other top ...

Business confidence took a knock in Africa, inline with a global trend, according to results from the latest YPO Global Pulse Confidence Index, which tracks CEO confidence levels on a quarterly basis. CNBC Africa reports Africa business confidence slipped 3.2 ...