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 On June 23rd, 2016 Britain voted to leave the European Union in a referendum called by the then Prime Minister David Cameron.  Following the historic vote, the British Pound plummeted and millions of UK citizens expressed shock and regret at ...

On July 9th, 2016 Serena Williams won the women’s singles final of the 2016 Wimbledon Tennis Championships, making her the only tennis player – male or female – to have won singles titles at least six times in three of ...

In a previous feature article, AAG looked at the impact the evolving competition for talent on the continent has on the strategic talent management objectives for the HR and CEO functions in a company. Companies operating in the region face a strategic ...

In 2015, Africa Advisory Group sought to gain more insight into the priorities and principles guiding senior executives in Africa and the institutions they lead. In particular, we explored the connection between the overall organization strategies and the core talent ...

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