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Lamin Manjang, Standard Chartered’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Kenya and East Africa shares his insights on leadership and the challenges facing leaders in the banking sector in an age of disruptive technologies. Below is an extended conversation with ...

In our previous article on Succession Planning in Family-Owned Businesses, we profiled Nakumatt Holdings, a second generation retail family business that is taking a long-term view at their company’s longevity, sustainability and profitability. In contrast to Nakumatt Holdings, some families chose ...

Family-owned businesses constitute a dynamic and resilient component of the economic landscape in Africa. In Kenya, for example, family businesses generate nearly 60% of the country’s employment and are responsible for 78% of all new job creations.  According to the ...

The Chief Information Officer role is changing as companies face an environment driven by new and disruptive technologies. Ashley Veasey, the CIO at Barclays Africa, discusses how the CIO role is transforming and how companies, especially financial institutions, can use ...

What’s the average CEO tenure in Africa? Africa Advisory Group analyzed 50 companies across the continent and looked at the CEOs in place since 2005 to provide a snapshot of CEO tenure in Africa. The average CEO tenure for 67 ...