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Leadership Live is Africa Advisory Group’s video series that profiles corporate leaders around Africa

Buy accutane generic, Buy accutane us

Lamin Manjang, Standard Chartered’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Kenya and East Africa shares his insights on leadership and the challenges facing leaders in the banking sector in an age of disruptive technologies. Below is an extended conversation with ...

The Chief Information Officer role is changing as companies face an environment driven by new and disruptive technologies. Ashley Veasey, the CIO at Barclays Africa, discusses how the CIO role is transforming and how companies, especially financial institutions, can use ...

Alastair Macdonald, head of human resources at Nestle Equatorial African Region, discusses leadership.

Jannie Mouton, founder and chairman of PSG Group Limited, learned an important lesson early in his career. He was fired from the stockbroking firm he helped found with several partners and ran as CEO for nearly 13 years. “I had ...

Paul Horsfall, the UPS President for Africa, discusses the power of mentorship and Africa leap frogging the developed world. Below is an extended excerpt of his discussion on leadership with Africa Advisory Group. UPS is the world’s biggest package delivery ...