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Having concluded a round of fundraising, CEC Africa Investments Limited (‘CEC Africa’), a developer, investor and operator of projects in the power sector in Sub-Saharan Africa, engaged AAG for support in hiring a group-level CFO to work alongside the CEO ...

ContourGlobal, a developer and operator of electric power and district heating businesses, approached AAG for support in identifying and engaging a Chief Executive Officer for Africa.

Quotas the world over are controversial but no one can deny the need for gender parity. We need a fast forward button on the 80 year countdown. We need a more robust presence of women in leadership and governance positions ...

While the repatriating African Diaspora can and are bolstering Africa’s workforce development, launching or transitioning into a career in Africa comes with its own set of challenges. A smooth transition to one’s home country or to another country in Africa ...

With Africa widely perceived as the next frontier for emerging markets, foreign direct investment is set to grow rapidly across the continent, alongside increasing commitment from local investors. In private equity alone, a total investment of $50 billion is possible ...