Leadership Live: AAG Launches Executive Interview Series

Africa Advisory Group has launched Leadership Live, a video interview series with executives from across the continent. Leadership Live travels from the boardrooms of banks to the sales floors of retailers to get an inside look at leadership in Africa today and the outlook for tomorrow. Executives share their leadership journey, what drives them to succeed and how they’ve confronted challenges to triumph. At Leadership Live, executives also discuss their leadership style and share strategies for acquiring, developing, and retaining leadership talent within their organizations.

Visit Leadership Live to see the latest interviews.

First thing you need to do is decide that you’re a servant and it’s defining for yourself who you are serving and what service you want to offer. Ultimately, that’s what leadership is about. It’s about people and it’s about their interests,” His Highness Emir Muhammad Sanusi II, Chairman of Black Rhino.

One of the big roles leaders in Africa must spend time on is to develop, polish and ready leaders from within the African community to take significantly larger leadership roles than they are today, which therefore means picking the right people and ensuring they’re educated and experienced, and eventually given the right kind of experiences so they end up being the kind of leaders we wish them to be to take this continent to the greatness it’s destined to be,” MD Ramesh, president and regional head for Southern and Eastern Africa at Olam International Ltd.

It’s really about having the courage to make big decisions. Leadership is the ability to take the harder right than the easier wrong,” Tswelo Kodisang, Tiger Brands Group Executive: Human Resources.

It’s really those people I look for that have that inherent value within them, that I know will go the extra mile to make sure the brand they work for is not compromised,” Len Moult, 3M Company.

One of the most important things that UPS looks for in a leader is someone who can ask the question why and not be frightened to do so,” Paul Horsfall, President UPS Africa.

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