Leadership Consulting

Our Leadership Consulting Practice works with executive teams and boards to help optimize the leadership capabilities within their organisations.

  • Are you confident your team is prepared for the market or product expansion you are seeking to undertake?
  • Are you seeking to enhance the dynamism and performance levels of your top teams?
  • Are you looking to redefine the concept of leadership within your organization?
  • Are you meeting your targets but at the expense of your employees feeling good about what they do?
  • Are you appropriately engaged with your executive teams to increase their commitment and ensure you retain your top talent?
  • Have you established a culture of excellence that energizes the entire leadership team and increases your organisation’s abilities to meet its targets?
  • Does your leadership team have the resilience to respond to new players, new strategies, or new risks in your business?

We understand how critical it is for organisations to strategically consider these questions, particularly in the context of operating in Africa. Our approach focuses on helping our clients achieve three main objectives:

Enhance Alignment and Performance of Management Teams — We help clients to frame specific challenges and constraints within their senior management teams and articulate a shared vision for moving forward. We support our clients to follow through and implement their vision, one step at a time. Working alongside our clients, we provide insight and guidance to equip their teams to take ultimate responsibility for their collective success.

Accelerate Leadership Development — We work with clients to develop and integrate tailored initiatives that ensure they have the leaders they need to sustain and grow their organizations. Whether they are at the early stages of cultivating their internal leadership pipeline or if they are already implementing programs targeted at “high-potential” talent, we partner with them to build their capacity to develop leaders with the skills, attitudes, and experiences they require.

Define and Build Desired Leadership Culture — We help clients articulate, disseminate, and generate commitment around a shared set of values and aspirations. In some cases, where a strong culture may already exist, leaders within an organization may want to adopt a new way of anchoring the organization towards a compelling future. In other instances, different stakeholders within the same organization may hold divergent perceptions about the existing culture. We start wherever our clients find themselves and support them through a process of harnessing and expressing the competitive advantage of their unique organizational culture.