Knowledge@Wharton Podcast: Unlocking the Three-fold Secret to Great Leadership

Knowledge@Wharton sat down with two of the three authors of Power Score: Your Formula for Leadership Success to discuss their findings into what makes a successful leader. Their findings are derived from more than 15,000 interviews with CEOs and other top executives.

Listen to the podcast with two of the authors, Randy Street and Alan Foster, here. They describe the importance of the PWR: “P” stands for “priorities,” the “W” stands for “who” and the “R” stands for “relationships.”

We actually had a whole different theory of leadership when we started writing the book, but the data didn’t match it, it didn’t pan out. We had to say, “What do leaders do differently?” What we found is that they go about accomplishing three things: They set the right priorities, they get the right people in the right roles, and then, they make the relationships work.Alan Foster, Co-Author of Power Score: Your Formula for Leadership Success

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