Foreign Investment in Africa Stable, Services Dominates

Headlines about booming foreign investment interest in Africa have dominated discussion for the past several years. The latest FDI figures show interest remains strong but varies significantly by region.

Overall, foreign direct investment into Africa was stable in 2014, with decreases in North Africa countered by a rise in Sub-Saharan Africa, the latest figures from the United Nations Conference on Trade and Investment show this month.

Investment from abroad to Sub-Saharan Africa rose by 5% in 2014. Investment flows declined by 10% in West Africa in large part due to the Ebola outbreak, security issues and falling commodity prices while it rose by 11% in East Africa spurred by energy projects. FDI to North Africa fell by 15% and to Southern Africa by 2.4%.

Services attracted roughly half of all investment into the region, accounting for the majority of flows in the previous year.

The whole report can be accessed here.

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