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Knowledge@Wharton sat down with two of the three authors of Power Score: Your Formula for Leadership Success to discuss their findings into what makes a successful leader. Their findings are derived from more than 15,000 interviews with CEOs and other top executives.

Listen to the podcast with two of the authors, Randy Street and Alan Foster, here. They describe the importance of the PWR: “P” stands for “priorities,” the “W” stands for “who” and the “R” stands for “relationships.”

We actually had a whole different theory of leadership when we started writing the book, but the data didn’t match it, it didn’t pan out. We had to say, “What do leaders do differently?” What we found is that they go about accomplishing three things: They set the right priorities, they get the right people in the right roles, and then, they make the relationships work.Alan Foster, Co-Author of Power Score: Your Formula for Leadership Success

Business confidence took a knock in Africa, inline with a global trend, according to results from the latest YPO Global Pulse Confidence Index, which tracks CEO confidence levels on a quarterly basis. CNBC Africa reports Africa business confidence slipped 3.2 points to 57.4 with the fall driven by a sharp drop in confidence in South Africa. Africa had the second lowest level of confidence, with Latin America the only region more pessimistic than Africa. While Africa had the second lowest business confidence, the drop was in line with global sentiment. Business confidence in all regions declined in the quarter.

CNBC Africa quoted Gabriel Malan, the chair of YPO’s Africa region, as attributing the dip in business confidence to “slow growth, weak agricultural production and commodity prices, extremely high levels of unemployment and electricity supply issues, in many countries, particularly South Africa” as having “an impact on confidence amongst business leaders in the region.”

Despite a drop in confidence in the second quarter, CNBC Africa says the index also shows two-thirds of CEOs in Africa expect to increase revenues over the next 12 months, with only 7% predicting a decline. The full survey results can be found at YPO.

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 10.04.02 AM


Quartz and GE put together an interactive graphic here to track trends across the continent. Click on individual countries to get data on ease of doing business, GDP, foreign direct investment and population. The data shows that more than half of the population in Africa is under 20-years-old, 24 countries in Africa have GDP growth above 5% and the size of sub-Saharan Africa’s economy has quadrupled since 2000.

The post says the data “reveals a diverse, complex portrait of the continent’s economic progress.” The GE sponsored post also says that while the interactive graphic illuminates the huge opportunities for doing business on the continent, there are some challenges.

GE says it plans to increase its activities in Africa with a focus on developing partnerships, supporting local innovation and investing in healthcare, power, infrastructure, and energy businesses.

From regional technology hubs spawning digital entrepreneurs to centers of capital drawing global interest, the African development story is still being written.Quartz, GE

Foreign direct investment into Africa is overall rising. fDiIntelligence, a data division of the Financial Times Group, reported that Africa received the largest increase in investment globally in 2014, with $87 billion foreign direct investment announced. Egypt, Angola, Morocco, Ghana and Zambia rose to the top 10 destinations for capital investment in the Africa and Middle East region in the year. However, the number of FDI projects in South Africa declined by 15% on the year, in Kenya by 12% and in Nigeria by 4% while they increased in Mozambique by 67%, according to the fDiIntelligence report.