Our Approach


We take a holistic approach to our engagements with our clients, building long-term relationships based on a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses, including a keen awareness of their people, culture, priorities, aspirations, and the realities of their current situation.

We invest in building long-term relationships with our clients

We act as true partners to help our clients address their most pressing challenges and realize their full potential. We do our best work when we can focus on contributing to our client’s immediate goals while mapping a path towards the next horizon—whether that means doing bespoke research on a niche market a client is exploring, interviewing candidates across the globe to find the right person for a transformational role, or facilitating discussions to build consensus around a complex decision. In working with our clients, we seek to establish a mutual understanding about the benefits of this future-oriented approach and the resulting value we can deliver.

We engage with the leaders of the organizations we serve

We recognize that our ability to support our clients to achieve their desired impact depends on sustained engagement from senior leadership. We work with decisive visionaries who are committed to building organizations that thrive on the African continent. We respect their willingness to mobilize the necessary resources and inspire the momentum needed to follow-through on our recommendations. We take seriously our responsibility to provide high-quality, well-researched advice to inform their decisions.

We combine knowledge and insight to deliver leading-edge advice

We believe that conventional industry knowledge alone is insufficient to navigate the vibrant, fast-paced African business environment. Our advisory team works in tandem with our research team to integrate relevant perspectives on the broader context surrounding our clients—whether this includes changes in the regulatory environment, evolving “rules of the game” driven by the pressures of competition, or underlying perceptions about the quality of life in key markets in which they operate.

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